Personal Reflection – Biological Origins

I had a much easier time connecting with this week than I did the last one. I’m glad I learned more about evolutionary psychology, a subject which I find fascinating. Reading about some of the criticisms of EP, I was reminded of this comic and the awesome event which grew out of it. I went to the inaugural BAH-Fest last year and I highly recommend it. If you live in the Boston or Bay areas, keep on the lookout for next year’s show.

I also want to share with you some unexpected experiences I had as a result of just having AHY in the back of my mind.

I hadn’t done so for a while, but I rode my bike this week. I was just getting from place to place, but it made me think about how much taking care of our bodies matters and about the kind of feedback we get from them. Those of you who work out regularly will no doubt find this obvious, but when I got my bike two years ago it was the first time I had exercised with regularity and real effort. While riding, my body gives me immediate feedback about how I’ve been treating it. It is amazing how much easier it is when I’ve had a good breakfast as opposed to when I’ve had a crappy one or none at all.

The other experience I had was last Sunday when some friends of mine had a “friendsgiving” dinner. While standing around beforehand, someone opened the door and I was briefly treated to a really spectacularly fall-y scene. The trees were brightly colored. The wind was blowing a drizzly rain all around. A cold gust of it came through the open doorway. All in all, it was a scene which makes one glad to be inside eating good food with friends. And I realized that that thought would not have occurred to me if I hadn’t in general been thinking liturgically about the passage of the seasons and about holidays. Because I had AHY in the back of my mind, I appreciated this random moment in an entirely new way and got something really beautiful out of that day which otherwise would have passed me by.

What were your experiences? Comment to share them!

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