Non-Narrative Holiday – International Human Rights Day

Non-Narrative Holidays

Non-Narrative Holidays are culturally or Humanisticly important days which don’t fit into the narrative arc of A Humanist Year. Because we often get these days off from work or school, they are sometimes treated as chances to catch up on errands or at best to gather together with friends and family to have a good time. While observing AHY, we remember that these days are also opportunities to reflect and engage with important aspects of life.

International Human Rights Day

Human rights is the name we give to those most fundamental freedoms which all people should be guaranteed. Which rights count as fundamental and how to secure them have been vigorously debated for almost the entirety of human history, but almost no one disagrees that the concept is important. Americans don’t often think of human rights, since human rights abuses so often (though not always) occur in other countries. Do you know what the UN list of human rights includes? Are you aware of the abuses of those rights which occur daily across the globe?

You might want to check out the official UN Human Rights Day page. It includes some resources like statements from the UN Secretary-General and the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

You definitely want to check out the website of the non-profit organization United for Human Rights. This excellent website has a wealth of resources including short, engaging educational videos, ways to get involved in the struggle for human rights, and more.

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