Non-Narrative Holiday – Darwin Day

Non-Narrative Holidays

Non-Narrative Holidays are culturally or Humanisticly important days which don’t fit into the narrative arc of A Humanist Year. Because we often get these days off from work or school, they are sometimes treated as chances to catch up on errands or at best to gather together with friends and family to have a good time. While observing AHY, we remember that these days are also opportunities to reflect and engage with important aspects of life.

Darwin Day

One of the most widely-celebrated Humanist holidays, Darwin Day is a celebration of the great scientist who brought us the Theory of Evolution. On this day we honor Charles Darwin – his inquisitiveness, his reason, his courage – and his work, which challenged the prevailing orthodoxy and put us on one of the most effective paths we have ever taken on our journey towards self-understanding.

Check out this Darwin Day page from the American Humanist Association, and of course the official Darwin Day website, which has some really excellent resources to help you learn about Darwin and evolution, participate in a local event, and take political action.

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