Season on Cultivation – Learning

This is week seven of the Season on Cultivation.

We have spent the past six weeks discussing the virtues. In order to successfully navigate life, we also spend time this season acquiring more direct skills. Getting around in the world is no simple matter, and there are many domains of everyday life which require specialized knowledge. These skills, which many of us pick up incompletely in an ad hoc way, are worth addressing intentionally. Because there are many such skills, and because they are less categorical than the virtues, we shall not return to the same ones each year.

Learning is a fundamental skill. It impacts the success of everything else we do in life. In our quest to live life more intentionally, and during the time when we think about gaining practical skills, there is no better place to start.

It is highly unusual for us to post only one resource, but the aspect of life we wanted to engage with this week has already been fairly thoroughly treated. We highly recommend you check out this course on learning from Coursera. In addition to great videos, it has many links to further resources to help you fully explore this important topic.

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