Season on Cultivation – Computer Literacy

This is week nine of the Season on Cultivation.

In a time of rapidly evolving technology, computer literacy is becoming almost as important as English literacy. We seek this week to learn a little more about how to successfully interact with the computers which surround us.

First, learn a little about the history of computers and of the internet. Ironically, neither source has the polished, modern look we expect from the tech sector these days, but both have interesting information for those looking to understand how far we have come.

Next, take a look at these lists of keyboard shortcuts. Shortcuts can be an incredibly useful tool for everyday use. They quickly become second nature and using them allows you to focus more on what you are doing and to be less distracted by the process of doing it.

Third, learn some basic programming. A little programming knowledge can go a long way towards helping you at work and in everyday life. Being able to write a quick and dirty program to automate a task that otherwise might have taken you hours is well worth the investment of learning. Plus, it can be fun. Take a look at this excellent guide to beginning programming. It has a wealth of resources to help you approach the field. After that, try an online tutorial like Code Academy.

Finally, don’t forget that the best way to learn is through trial-and-error.

Have suggestions for other ways to learn programming? Know of other useful computer literacy tips? Comment below!

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