Season on Flourishing – Freedom

● Read Sir Isaiah Berlin’s seminal work on political freedom, “Two Concepts of Liberty.” This fascinating article analyzes two concepts – what Berlin calls negative liberty, which has to do with freedom from constraints, and positive liberty, which has to do with being part of the ultimate source of those constraints. It traces the historical development (and abuse) of these two very different conceptions of what it is to be free.

● World Press Freedom Day is next week. Take a look at UNESCO’s website to learn more about this important holiday.

● Read this article by psychologist Jonathan Haidt about the role of freedom in the current culture wars in the United States (it uses Berlin’s concepts of negative and positive liberty, among others).

● Play this fun philosophy game which introduces you to the debate surrounding the question of what it means for our wills to be free.

● Listen to some songs about freedom (there are a lot of them out there).

● Donate to Freedom House, an organization which champions the cause of civil liberties and human rights across the globe through research, advocacy, and direct action.

Have other ideas for how to celebrate Freedom Week? Let us know!

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