Season on Flourishing – Science

This is week fourteen of the Season on Flourishing.

Science and the scientific method are central to the Humanist worldview. Our commitment to empirically testing all of our beliefs is what sets us apart from the various religious traditions. Scientific rigor is our watchword and our strength, and we should be justly proud of it. At the same time, we must recognize the danger of scientism, of ignoring those things in life which have not yet been captured by scientific explanation or which lie outside of the scope of scientific inquiry altogether. Let this week be a call to a greater understanding of the scientific endeavor. Celebrate science this week as a symbol of progress and rationality and also as a living tradition of thought and practice which we are all engaged in.

Take a look at these two articles explaining how to read scientific papers. A must-read for anyone who wants to understand what is going on in current research.

Check out (if you haven’t already) the wildly popular “I fucking love science” phenomenon. Blogger Elise Andrew links to articles about all kinds of fascinating things going on in the world of science.

Be a (financial) part of a scientific project. Crowdfund science.

If you’re feeling particularly generous, you can donate your body to science (after you die, of course).

Science being as close to the hearts of many Humanists as it is, I’m sure many of you have some great ideas about how to celebrate science this week. Let us know by commenting!

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