Season on Flourishing – Colleagues

This is week nineteen of the Season on Flourishing.

After spending a week thinking about our friends, we now move on to other important people in our lives. This week, we focus on the workplace and on interacting with our co-workers. We spend a third of our lives (maybe more) with these people, so it is well worth investing in those relationships. Our relationships with our colleagues are not so different than other relationships. We don’t get to pick our colleagues, and our relationships with them are more goal-oriented, but they require the same nurturing and we can approach them with the same tools we use elsewhere.

How can you be the best colleague you can be? How can you develop friendships with people you work with? How can you draw an important line between your personal and professional life and not develop friendships with some of the people you work with? Here are some suggestions, but above all, simply pay attention this week to these relationships. As you go through your week, be mindful of how everything you do impacts them, and try to nurture rather than put stress on them.

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