We Need You

A Humanist Year is in its beta phase, and we need your input for it to succeed. For the project to grow and become a useful tool, the whole community needs to be involved. We eagerly await your participation in developing all aspects of AHY:

the Calendar: What do you think of the narrative structure? Did we leave one of your favorite holidays out?

the Lectionary: What worked for you? What didn’t? Do you have more ideas about how to celebrate or resources that might be helpful? Are you or do you know an expert in a relevant field?

the logistics: What would make using the blog or the newsletter easier?

Tell us! Comment on the relevant blog post or send us an email. With your help, we can truly create a compendium of best Humanist resources.

2 thoughts on “We Need You

  1. This is great! I wish I had the bandwidth to offer something more, but yeah, this is amazing. I am a secular person who is trying to be the first in my family to not blindly do Christmas out of inertia. Some of us have to be the first, even if it seems divisive. I can no longer, in good conscience, observe this ultimately Christian holiday (even if my family celebrates it in a secular way). But without an alternative, and with the whole world mad for Christmas, there hasn’t been something like this I could point to.

    This calendar project means the world to me. Thank you!


    • Thank you, Michael. I’m really touched that this project means something to you. Good luck convincing your family. Even if some (or all) of you still celebrate Christmas, hopefully AHY can provide some other things to do as well. If ever you find yourself with some spare bandwidth, we’d love to hear your ideas.


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