Season on Flourishing

As the archetypal human life leaves adolescence and enters adulthood, so too does our observance of the year. Having devoted time to cultivating our characters, we turn now to the everyday (and not so everyday) concerns of adult life. During these twenty-three weeks, we both observe established secular holidays and engage with other aspects of life which are worth thinking about. We engage deeply with established holidays, reflecting on the reason for their existence and recognizing the present-day issues they raise for us as individuals and as members of a larger society. In between those holidays, we think about life conceived of as a project (how to best approach life, how to get the most out of it). We think about ensuring our health and we celebrate human progress. We think about how we live in community together (and how to build the best society we can), how we relate to various other individuals in our lives, and how we relate to the non-human world.

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